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“Your Book on Your Door” in Damascus!

Series 01 Episode 2016-07-18 - 18.07.2016

In order to revive the culture of reading books after being neglected by the majority of Syrian youth’s and their reliance on social networking sites, and e-books, Damascus opened “Thoughts Library” that rely on selling, borrowing and delivering books till the door of your house.
The director of the Library confirmed “that the idea of borrowing books was deployed in Malaysia and Japan since 2010 with symbolic prices to serve people with special needs , pointing out that transferring the idea to Syria came after the conditions experienced by the country to create a new activity and push young people towards reading books again.
Lending mechanism will be through communication with Thoughts Library page on the social network (Facebook), by sending a message that includes the name of the book and your detailed address, in addition to the time you want to keep the book through, but not to exceed a month.
With regard to the cost of borrowing a book, the lending fee is 20 Syrian pounds a day. Delivering and receiving are for free, aiming to encourage the culture of borrowing books.
The idea focuses on lending books to the poor class of our community. The director of the library also pointed out that since opening the library two days ago, they received more than 5000 requests, 100 of them has been delivered 100 today, which is a proof of the success of the idea.
About the quality of the available books, the library contains a variety of books, but the demand is growing on literary novels and poetry books, “There is an opportunity for postgraduate students to present their graduation projects and theses.


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