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How Egyptians Celebrate Ramadan?

Series 01 Episode 2016-06-20 - 20.06.2016

Ramadan is the holy month of the year in which Muslims fast from dawn until sunset. Whether you are Egyptian or a foreigner you will immediately feel the spiritual, and joyful atmosphere within the streets of Cairo,it often makes Egyptians feel reminisced.
Fawanees or ( lanterns) are everywhere, patisseries are selling Konafa and Qatayef “ the most eaten deserts during Ramadan”. Families tend to eat together, and invite each other. It is certain that Ramadan is a good reminder for all Muslims to cooperate and work together, as well as adjust their eating behaviour, feel the poor, and feed other people. Young children are exempted from fasting however they must receive their lanterns on the first day of Ramadan” which is a tradition that dates back to the ottoman Empire”.


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