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Dahab, your golden destination in Egypt’s Sinai

Series 01 Episode 2016-07-07 - 07.07.2016

Away from the Noisy crowded Cairo, Egypt’s Sinai hides the most beautiful scenic mountains and beaches, one can ever come across.
In the South of Sinai, the city of Dahab (in english is the “ City of gold”), is famous for its golden sandy beaches, and it is the second most popular city after “Sharm El sheikh.
It is known for its cheap affordable hotels, and its unique diving spots.
Dahab consists of (from the North to the South) :
Ras Abu Galuom, which is a protected area and an amazing spot for diving, the Blue Hole which is the most famous diving location in Dahab and in all Sinai.
Dahab is also famous for therapeutic centres where people from all over the world come to be cured from different diseases especially Arthritis.
Nuweiba is another word for beauty, hospitality, and peace.
It is located 70 km south of Taba and 180 km north of Sharm El-Sheikh and only 110 km from the famous mountain of Saint Catherine.
It is a quite resort area, located on a sandy flood plain.
The best time to go is during September all the way until May
Preferably avoid during Summer due to the high temperature.


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