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Adele’s Chloe design dress at Glastonbury is of Egyptian heritage

Series 01 Episode 2016-07-08 - 08.07.2016

Adele’s dress during the 45th annual Glastonbury Festival of Contemporary Performing Arts in Somerset in England took the internet by storm. The dress designed by Chloe that took almost 200 hours to design failed to mention that it is originally an Egyptian heritage.
Assumptions claimed that it goes back to the 70s style, while falling to mention that is originally of Egyptian tradition.
In fact it imitates embroidered black wedding dress famous in the Egyptian oasis Siwa, known as ‘asherah hawak azdhaf’.
The embroidered silk dress is traditionally worn on the seventh day party of the week-long Siwan wedding celebrations, and is considered one of several items Siwan women usually wear during their wedding celebrations.
Siwa is in the Western desert which is 50 kilometres away from the Libyan borders.
The art of embroidery in Siwa is a cultural tradition that is believed to to protect oneself from harmful magic and evil spirits, although in modern Siwa women still do wear them but in different and much more modernised form, colourful embroidery, shining ornaments such as mother of pearl buttons, silver, glass and shells are used in young brides to protect them from evil.


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