The Opposition is Burning Aleppo

Monday, 05.09.2016

The Opposition is Burning Aleppo

The Opposition is Burning Aleppo

Writer: Sara Yasmin Anwar

Levant TV Exclusive

While the Aleppo inferno rages on claiming the lives of innocent civilians caught in the crossfire, the media chooses to ignore the atrocities committed by the so called ‘moderate’ rebels.

The media is ablaze with the image of bloodied 5 year-old Omran rescued by the very same people responsible for the beheading of a Palestinian child. Yet, continue to censor rebel crimes when they deliberately shell government-controlled areas. The mainstream media narrative is one replete with an entirely biased account relying on the UK based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights and other western backed actors such as the White Helmets. The misinformation surrounding the siege of Aleppo is akin to Yarmouk where armed militants infiltrated the camp.

Aleppo, one of the oldest and largest citadels in Syria has found itself fortified by jihadis crossing in from the Turkish border. The Syrian government with the help of Russia have stepped up their efforts to reclaim the area, as have the militants with their reinforcements. Allegations of airstrikes targeting hospitals and civilians are once again being wrongfully blamed on the government.

Here are nine irrefutable facts that are being ignored by the mainstream media:

  1. Eastern Aleppo became a hotbed for Al Qaeda affiliated terrorists illegally entering Syria, causing the displacement of up to 600,000 people. Many of whom took refuge in government controlled west Aleppo.
  1. Up to 85% of the armed factions belong to Jabhat Al-Nusra, the Al Qaeda affiliate espousing to salafist jihadism. The remaining fighters belong to various radical factions constantly rebranding themselves.
  1. The fighters are largely foreigners from 81 countries including, British-Asians, North Africa, Pakistan and Gulf Arab countries among others.
  1. The foreign fighters continue to shell civilians in government held areas particularly western Aleppo.
  1. The Syrian Army encircled the terrorists in a bid to isolate them and cut off their supply route from Turkey.
  1. The Syrian government repeatedly offered the fighters an amnesty in exchange for surrendering to the authorities.
  1. As for the humanitarian situation for the besieged civilians, the army set up three exit points. Accommodation has also been made available in the form of 10,000 apartments in western Aleppo for fleeing families.
  1. After encircling eastern Aleppo, Russia and the Syrian government conducted a joint humanitarian mission. The rebels shot down a Russian helicopter as it carried out a humanitarian mission.
  1. The Russians on numerous occasions have called on the Americans to assist them in airstrikes after accusations of targeting civilians.

The Americans have so far refused and have illegally sent troops to Syria under the guise of human rights. The Americans and all those that support intervention in Syria are calling for a no fly zone to be imposed. A no fly zone was imposed in Libya by NATO and after the overthrow of Gaddafi the country descended into chaos.

The recent invasion by Turkey and the Americans is a dangerous escalation. Regardless of political affiliation the fact is if Assad is toppled, Syria the beacon of civilization, home to a multi religious and plural society will become another Afghanistan ruled by intolerant fanatics.




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