The most influencial foreign drama series on Arab people

Thursday, 21.04.2016

The most influencial foreign drama series on Arab people | Levant TV

The most influencial foreign drama series on Arab people | Levant TV

Writer: Ramy Koussa

Levant TV Exclusive

24 April is a big day this year as the famous series, Game of Thrones, is getting back through HBO production company. The news about the series getting back spread over the media, regarding the great anticipation and follow-up that the series achieved around the world in the previous five seasons.

The producer and executive producer announced that the company is so close to announce the seventh and eighth seasons, but with a big surprise, a shortened seventh season of seven episodes, and an eighth season to six episodes.

Game of Thrones is one of the most watched American series among the youngs in the Arabi world, who follows its episodes one by one over Youtube. As the HBO network isn’t available in most of the Arab world, we offer here glimpses of Game of Thrones, and some other foreign soap operas, which greatly influenced the young Arabs.

Game of Thrones: A Fantasy series adapted from a series of novels for the American writer George R. R.Martin, which was introduced for the first time in 2011 on HBO network in the United States. Events of the series take place in two imaginary continents, Westros and Esus. Seven families grapple for controlling the Iron Throne of the Seven Kingdoms. The series discuss through his mysterious characters with many social issues as ranking, religion, the civil war, sex, crime, loyalty and justice. The series was nominated for many awards and won some of them, including nominations for an Emmy Award and Golden Globe Award for best drama series.

Friends: Who does not know Friends? The American comedy series. Who has not quoted his characters, or imitated them at some point? The serial talks about a group of young people who live as neighbors in New York, and the comic situations in which they face. It is one of the longest operas in the history of American television. It got displayed from 1994 to 2004 on NBC, acquiring millions of followers from all over the world. It started with the title “Friends Like Us” and then modified to be “Friends”, and won many awards during his presentation, including the Emmy Award for The Best Comic Series.

How I Met Your Mother: An American romantic comedy, premiere show in 2004 on CBS. The series speaks about an architect named Ted Moozbi, portrayed in 2030, telling his son and daughter, the way he met their mother, and the situations that he faced with his four friends, who have played key roles in the way he met the girl of his dreams. The series got positive criticism, high evaluation rates for all of its nine seasons, and won five Emmy Awards and nominated twice for Golden Globe Award.

House: An American medical drama series, presented on Fox channel for eight seasons, from 2004 to 2012. The story revolves around a genius, eccentric, and central sedative drug addict doctor, Gregory House, who heads the department of diagnostic medicine in a New Jersey teaching hospital. The series was one of the most watched television series in the United States, since the beginning of the second season until the fourth, and in 2008, the series became the most watched worldwide. It won numerous awards, including five Emmies and two Golden Globe awards.

Sherlock: A British drama-crime series presenting a modern picture of Arthur Conan work as the detective Sherlock Holms. The series depicts the Sherlock as an investigator, who helps the police to solve crimes by his accurate notes that make it easier for police to work. The series presents the continuous conflict between Holmes and his sworn enemy, Jim Moe, the most complex case. The series was displayed for the first time in 2010, then again in 2012, the third in 2014, and the fourth season is being worked on now. Once an episode created a big sensation in the Daily Mail newspaper, which said that the episode contains nude scenes, which were displayed before 9 pm, as alike scenes are intended for adults and shouldn’t be displayed at that time.

The Simpsons: An American comedy cartoon series by Fox production company, for adults only. The longest and most successful cartoon series, displays on the American television screens, as up till now it has 27 seasons, and more than 500 episodes. Its events take place in the fictional city of Springfield, and addresses the story of a family, representing the American family with its advantages and disadvantages. The characters of the series are distinguished for their yellow colors and four fingers’ hands.The series pass a lot of political cynicism lined with comic manner, which made him one of the best cartoon series in the world and won 24 Emmy Awards and 26 Eni Awards.

Lost: An American drama-adventurer series broadcasted on ABC channel, began in 2004, telling the story of a group of people who survived a plane crash on a mysterious, tropical island somewhere in the South Pacific. The series was filmed in Hawaii, and achieved international fame, huge financial revenues, and global widespread on TV networks in different continents and languages.This prompted officials to extend the series, and to sign a contract for three more seasons with the actors to be a series of six seasons.

After all, you may wish at the end of a quiet day to watch an episode you missed of your favourite drama series over a cup of tea.




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