Asilah, Morocco’s melting pot of art vultures

Monday, 26.12.2016

Asilah, Morocco's melting pot of art vultures

Asilah, Morocco's melting pot of art vultures

Omar Bihmidine

Levant news

Asilah is one of the most charming, transfixing and romantic cities in the north of Morocco. Restaurants, buildings, cafés and lanes in the small city brings to life memories of Spanish territories. It is the destination of people who are seeking inner peace, tranquility and serenity. Asilah is full of visitors all the time, particularly over weekends and during summer vacations. Talking to Levant TV, a group of people said that the city is a melting pot for couples, tourists and peace seekers. They added that the best time to pay a visit is spring and summer.

Every year, art vultures and artists head to the northern town in quest of more vivid experiences, particularly that Asilah offers a unique haven. Talking to Levant TV, a group of teachers noted that simply strolling through the lanes and the walls painted artistically gives one an unparallel feelings of quaninimity, keen curiousity, and genuine marvel. ” This is a small part of paradise on earth. How gorgeous,” Rachid, a friend of mine, said. A cultural festival is held there to honor the traditional way of life of the town dwellers and the art of painting. Adventure lovers and travellers from different parts of the world have honored the artistic town, immortalizing through naming it haven of art lovers and serenity seekers.

Everywhere you go in the city, you can spot murals depicting different aspects of our lives and never falling short of the expectations of art lovers, tourists, passers-by, painters, and international lovers of the mystery of the town. Asilah gives the chance to all artists during the International Cultural Festival to paint new murals every year and leave them for to be enjoyed by passers-by. Even the architecture, including window frames and doors painted blue, tell stories of Spanish colonials and way of life of ancestors who once lived there and passed on to us the mystery of the city.

Local stands selling peanuts and orange juice offer new comers a fresh start at a reasonable price. The cultural festival held in summer features poetry readings, lectures, paintings, singings, graffiti workshops and the opportunity for world artists to paint new murals and leave their personal touch. The town buildings coloured white give visitors an inspiring and creative impression. In an interview with Levant TV, Ayman Moustaid, a primary school teacher, said that Asilah doesn’t only host world artists and painters, but it also gives people who lead hectic lives the opportunity to experience meditation and destress their lives. ” It is no wonder that as you stroll througj the alleys with marvellous murals on walls, you hear only silnce that inspires us to look back on our lives and reinvent ourselves, ” Moustaid said. ” It is a mysterious feeling that needs to be felt rather than be talked about,” Ayman added.

Every August, more than 100.000 people attend the events there. The weather in August is perfect for surfing, swimming and strolling. The old buildings along the shore date back to the fifteen century, giving it the privilege of not only holding art festivals, but also priding itself on a rich history. Carpets, jewels, artifacts, and pieces of furniture are among the objects the legacy of rich history of the whitewashed Asilah. Antics and relics don’t only relate to the north of Morocco, but they also pertain to other Southern areas, particularly the Amazigh tradition. Here, it is worth reminding ourselves that Amazigh people and culture formed a large part of the town.

As regards cuisine, local restaurants and homes serve a variety of delicacies, ranging from Spanish food to Couscous and Tagine. Variety in eating habits is equally a symbol of a rich history Asilah has long celebrated. Fish delicacies are also an integral part of Asilah’s cuisine. Many foreigners, especially from Europe, have brought houses overlooking the sea for settling down, while others have retired to the serene town.

The whitewashed city is also a well-known seaside resortd. The ramparts and the water fronts serve to inspire and enthrall beauty seekers.

Every now and then, local associations and authorities hold mural-painting festivities. ” Wow! Every year, we see new murals. This year’s are different from last year’s. How beautiful and magical these murals are,” a tourist told Levant TV. ” As I look at these murals, I feel so inspired and curious to discover the mystery behind the murals. How talented the painters are!” The tourist added. The Centre Hassan II des Rencontres Internationales is the cultual center that organises workshops and receives talented artists and painters from all over the world.

Levant TV had the chance to talk to several lovers of the mysterious Asilah. The town lovers include tourists, teachers, artists and visitors who all agree that Asilah is not only the haven of art lovers, but it also a corner of the world filled with mystery, inspiration, serenity and creativity.



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