• About Us

The Channel

Levant TV is a Middle Eastern  online television based in London and broadcasting in English. It covers the moderate Middle Eastern culture with a Levantine flavour. Levant TV is licensed by the UK’s communication regulator Ofcom.

The channel aims to become a well-established television that enriches people’s lives by the furthering of knowledge about the Levantine culture of tolerance and coexistence and by highlighting on the rich history of the Middle East.

Levant TV is committed to create compelling, socially responsible TV shows with cross-cultural sensibility and an international flare. Levant TV is in continuous search for innovative and fresh ideas to produce TV shows that are focused on the interaction between the Western world and the Orient region of the Middle East and are targeted at Western audiences.

The Audience

Based in London, Levant TV is founded to fulfill the English speaking audience’s curiosity, by enticing them to watch Middle Eastern news from a different perspective as well as drawing their attention to the rich history of the Middle East. Levant TV also appeals to the English speaking Middle Eastern men and women living in Britain and in the MENA region, who take pride in their multi-cultural backgrounds.


To become the leading English broadcaster covering the moderate Middle Eastern culture.


To promote mutual understanding between the Middle East and the West via cultural, social and entertainment programmes, in addition to the latest political, business, and scientific news updates.

To become a commercially viable broadcaster through advertisements and sponsorships, being a unique media tool bridging a wide range of businesses between the Middle East and the West.


  • Report all views independently and equally.
  • Respect multicultural and religious diversity.
  • Maintain a creative and innovative approach in everything we do.
  • Broadcast comprehensive and uncensored programmes.
  • Engage the audience in the production of our programmes.

The Idea

The founder spotted a significant gap in the European and British television market for an English speaking channel representing and  promoting the moderate Middle Eastern culture in all its aspects, with a Levant flavour; for instance, the existing Middle Eastern televisions in Britain focus mainly on the news and current affairs or religious teachings. Based in London with roots from the Middle East, Levant TV is founded to promote a culture of tolerance and an East-West dialogue via entertainment, cultural and social programmes.

The People

A young, ambitious, fun and creative team with strong academic and professional background from diverse nationalities.

The Portal

Levant TV fulfills its mission with a web portal updated around the clock that also includes a daily news update, a live stream, a blog section, a licensed TV shows section for Videos on Demand, and a separate News Arabic site. Levant TV launched its online portal in September 2012 and started its online live streaming in August 2013.